About Us

Welcome to Nettlebrook Farm!

Andrew started working on the family farm as a young boy and is proud to continue more than 100 years of family farming tradition in Central Saanich. After branching out from Silver Rill Berry Farm, he started Andrew's Farm Stand which has now grown into a thriving local farm, with fields distributed across the Saanich Peninsula. Nettlebrook Farm is the CSA program associated with Andrew’s Farm Stand.


Our Mission

We are passionate about quality and sustainability. Our fields are located in Central Saanich with the aim of feeding Greater Victoria. By eating seasonal, local produce you are limiting your carbon footprint while also supporting the local economy as your money stays in this community.

While we are not certified organic – the process is long and cost prohibitive to small farms – we do utilize organic farming methods. So while you may need to wash a little dirt off the produce you receive, you won’t have to worry about harmful chemicals.

Local produce is picked at its ideal harvest time so it is packed with flavour and the nutrients you don’t get from imported products. But don’t take our word for it, try our strawberries, they’ll have your mouth watering.


Our Produce

We pride ourselves on producing the best crops possible. Our Russian Red Garlic is often the largest on the Island. In fact, it can get so big that it is often mistaken for less tasty elephant garlic. But there’s no mistaking the rich Russian Red flavour that comes from our crop.

There is nothing like a biting into a delicious red strawberry and ours will not disappoint! A summer favourite, we carefully choose our varieties to ensure we are getting the most flavour and the most out of the growing season. You’ll often see the first strawberries of the season on Andrew’s Farm Stand and if the weather’s good, you can see red in our fields through October


Our Delicious Strawberries are a Summer Favourite!